A group that, ironically, posts without thinking.

A group not representative of, or formally associated with Barton Catholic Parish , called “Thoughts from Catholics in Barton” have repeatedly failed to post this statement, as requested by The Parish “This group has no formal connection, nor has it received any endorsement, from The Catholic Parish in Barton upon Humber, or indeed from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham, and all the views shared are of the anonymous administrators of this page. It can make no claim to give authentic teaching, or accurate information, about any aspect of Catholic Life.”

On at 10.38 am , on 5/4/21 the anonymous admins claiming the mantle of the Parish, were told in an email to them and the people on the parish mailing list: “Can I make it clear to the Parish, and the anonymous admins of the fb page, I do not want to ban them posting anything – they can post away – but I want them, in every respect, not to suggest a link with The Parish, as it is not a page that has the formal approval of the person, appointed by The Bishop , to lead the Parish and it is something he cannot, in good conscience, support or endorse (as The Parish, or people officially recognised a working on behalf have the Parish, have no editorial control, and, in fact that it is why it was secretly, and anonymously, created and posted for five months without the knowledge of the P.P..” and “I would tell them again to maintain your page as you wish, but do not attempt, in any way, to link it directly with the Parish or those things published by the Parish,

And at least three times they immediately deleted posts , or have banned, a person familiar with the Parish who wrote positively about the Parish.

To the admin of the Page “Thoughts from Catholics in Barton” we ask again: please stop trying to associate your page, and opinions, with a Parish that does not formally endorse you or approve of your views. As a group committed to sharing “thoughts” reflect on the formal request from The Parish.

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