If either Parish sets up a new facebook page or whattsapp group we will announce it publicly. Only ones we advertise are recognised. All others are not endorsed or recommended at all.

Any group set up in the last eight or nine months, or so , are not recognised by us. The endorsement of the Parish is only extended to those listed in The Bulletin for Easter Sunday (4th April) 2021 also listed below: /staugustinewebsterbarton
Our public groups on whatsapp are:

No other group claiming the support of either Parish can claim to be an official group, of either Parish, or The Diocese, or indeed The Universal Catholic Church, or that they are able to present authentic teaching, or commentary on Parish life, or The Practices of The Catholic Church, or to give sound spiritual advice in the name of The Parish, The Diocese, or indeed in the name of The Church. They are best avoided all together, and if not that very speedily.

Of the anonymous admins and self appointed leaders, of any group not endorsed or recommended by The Parish, some possibly can claim no more than they want to indulge themselves: by sharing trivia, and their personal “insights” and “knowledge”. Others may indeed have great knowledge, and insights, but should still not promote a group as a Parish group unless they are entrusted with it by the Parish. People representing, or speaking on behalf of an organisation, usually have to to endorsed by its legal representative, and in Canon Law that would be The Parish Priest, or his superiors. (Common practice, courtesy and common sense would require that too).

As is clearly evident, for some that knowledge may not include, for example, the difference between Holy Week and Easter Week, or that days in Advent, and Christmas, or Lent and Easter, will take precedence over some Saints days, and, with few exceptions, no Saints Day will take precedence over a Sunday throughout the world, but may do so if it is the Patronal Feast of a Parish (with the exception of Sundays in Advent and Lent etc. as mentioned before). But still lets honour saints no matter what the practice of The Church is, and not The Lord’s Day, or some important season in The Church!

They might also, very sadly, promote unwise actions in a pandemic, and therefore appear to show no meaningful respect for the great losses many have endured, and the great sacrifices many have made and are still making.

They can share what they wish but are, yet again, respectfully asked not share even one word that links their group, or page, to one of our Parishes, as if they are doing so with our endorsement. They are not. They have been advised of this, and certainly on facebook the admins have ignored it. That possibly speaks to their true agenda, and character.

No other groups  can, or should,  claim the endorsement of either Parish. (We understand neither The P.P. or The Safeguarding Rep, in the Parishes, were consulted either,  when these other things were created.) Be wary of any not listed above, and please don’t promote them to other people.

There are, of course, safeguarding issues with any group on a social media platform, and there needs to be open, and full,  accountability for those claiming to be endorsed by, or working for, any official organization. That cannot exist if such groups are not openly discussed with, and endorsed by the, would be, sponsoring organization and its Safeguarding Rep. We are sure all  people will readily understand and respect that need without any qualms.  It is an absolute necessity, in these days of mass communication. Its not officialdom, it is putting safeguarding first. Any parent or guardian would understand, and, remember, adults can be vulnerable and exploited too.

An “Admin” appointed to work on our Official Parish Publications, or whatsapp group, is not “anonymous” as they “write”, and “publish”  or “administer” it, in the name of the Parish, and the other admins, also appointed by the P.P., can edit the work of the others and can identify which admin posted it, or who “acted “in the group name or the name of The Parish. Accountability to The Parish and Safeguarding Rep are essential in these matters.

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