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On unity and diversity in the Church – The Divine Heart of God the Father  Encompassing All Hearts

DAY OF SPECIAL PRAYER FOR THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL: Sunday 24th October is a day of prayer, and there is a Retiring Collection primarily to fund Overseas Missionary Activity.


The Twenty Seventh Sunday of The Year B 3rd October 2021.

The Bulletin published last week ( 19th Sept) is also for this week (26th Sept) but is available below.

The Bulletin published last week ( 19th Sept) is also for this week (26th Sept) but is available below.

Private Prayer in Barton from October 1st is from 12 Noon – 1.00 p.m..

Friday is C.A.F.OD. Harvest family Fast Day, and your offering will be collected at all the Sunday Masses on Sunday October 3rd.

In Brigg: The box for donating foodstuffs for Brigg Food Bank is in the Narthex to receive your offerings. They will be taken to the central collection point. Thank You.

The Induction and Welcome Mass for Fr Michael on Tuesday last was a truly uplifting spiritual occasion which presented our two Parishes at their best. Parishioners from both Parishes actively, and jointly, contributed to The Liturgy, and the provision of refreshments afterwards. They joined in welcoming not only our P.P., but fellow priests, ecumenical guests, and work colleagues of Fr Michael. (Sadly, illness, and surgery, prevented what family members of his that were to attend coming.) Thank You one and all. You can be proud of yourselves, and your P.P. is extremely appreciative and given fresh heart by what he witnessed.

At Mass on Sunday, you will be offered a free copy of a CTS Booklet on St Therese of The Child Jesus (of   Lisieux). Her Memorial is on Friday 1st October.

Keep the Faith. Let us draw strength from Jesus as we gather together, at his invitation, around his Altar to become what we eat: The Body of Christ.

(25th Sunday of The Year) Saturday 6 p.m. Sunday 9.00 a.m. and 11.00 RETIRING COLLECTION FOR “THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL IN OUR LANDS” – Day of Prayer for “The Home Mission”


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