St Mary’s, Brigg

A Church Community with Jesus, Son of God, The Word Made Flesh, and The (Sunday) Eucharist, the source and summit of our salvation, as its foundation and strength. It is Jesus, who invites us, and is the host, and The Living Bread, who feeds us through Word and Sacrament, and sends us out to proclaim The Good News.

The largest church in Brigg St Mary’s plays a key role in life in the town. It boasts a spacious church hall used by community groups across the town.

The church opened in 1965, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It stands out as one of the best architectural features in Brigg.

Catholic worship in Brigg has a fascinating history. In 1792 a Penal Chapel housed Roman Catholic priests serving Brigg and other Lincolnshire towns. To protect the clergy it did not look like a place of worship. In the early 19th Century two French priests built a small chapel on Scawby Road. A tombstone for one of the priests lies in the grounds of St Mary’s.

Major change came for Brigg’s Catholics when landowning family the Elwes converted to Catholicism in 1874. A former coach house next to their Manor House in Brigg became a chapel in 1875. Catholics worshipped there for 90 years. The family also opened the first Catholic primary school in the town.

The present St. Mary’s Church opened thanks to a major fundraising drive by Father O’Hanlon. He came to the parish in 1949 and raised £15,000 in nine years. Father O’Hanlon was an influential figure in the town. The Town Council named a street O’Hanlon Avenue in his honour.

A fine crucifix which hangs over the high altar in St Mary’s in memory Father David Bradbury, who died suddenly in 1966.

The church marked its 25th Anniversary in 1989 with a Flower Festival. In 2020 the Covid-19 outbreak forced the church to close. It is now open for worship once again. You are welcome to join in services led by current Parish Priest Father Michael.

To find out more about the interesting history of Catholicism in Brigg take a look at this article by Ursula Vickerton.

IF YOU REQUIRE A PRIEST URGENTLY, please first contact the Parish and if no reply, then  in the case of DANGER TO life or death, and not for routine enquiries, please phone St Bernadette’s  01724 844895 or Holy Trinity on 01472 342301. It is important that you do not contact them for any general parish enquiries, but only if a person is in hospital, or in danger of death at home. Thank You.

LEAVING VOICEMAILS FOR THE PARISH (PRIEST): Although it will seem counter intuitive, please DO NOT leave a voicemail message on the Parish mobile phone. For much of the day, every week, and throughout the week, it is not accessible. Messages left on the landline, or an email are the best option. (The mobile is answered at those times it is accessible, but throughout the day the most practical is to leave a message on the landline. Thank You.)


St Mary’s welcomes visitors. Times of Holy Mass and other services are listed below. To keep up to date with what is going on in the parish visit the news page. More information and messages from Father Michael can be found by downloading the weekly Bulletin.

Masses and other Services from Brigg are normally on Zoom. The ID is 992 962 6557 and the ID does not change and so we ask you to note it for future use. It is essential that ALL users mute their mics for the benefit of all every time they join in.

Saturday (First of Sunday) 6pm Holy Mass

Sunday 11am Holy Mass

Monday 9am Holy Mass

Thursday 7.00pm (Currently only on Zoom -live!) Holy Mass

Friday 7.00 pm. Holy Mass

For Mass times on Holy Days of Obligation please see the Bulletin.


Sunday 8.30 -8.50 am in Barton.

Saturday 5.15 – 5.45pm in Brigg)

It remains possible, and it has always been so, to celebrate the Sacrament, at other times, by making an appointment with the Priest.

Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament and Private Prayer:

HOLY HOUR: 12 Noon – 1.00 p.m.

(Masses and other Services from Brigg are normally on Zoom. The ID is 992 962 6557 and the ID does not change and so we ask you to note it for future use. It is essential that ALL users mute their mics for the benefit of all every time they join in.)



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For information on Baptism, Weddings, Funerals, and other Sacraments please telephone 01652 652221 or email. (This is where the Parish Office is based.)

01652 652221

The Presbytery, 12 Barnard Avenue, Brigg North Lincolnshire DN20 8AS

On Friday 3rd March, our Parish, is hosting The Annual World day of Prayer at 2.15 p.m. in our Hall attached to St Mary’s Church, Barnard Avenue!!! All are welcome

(We regret erroneously a previous listing said 3 p.m.)

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